Photos and Words 04: Lost

There are times when you think you're going nowhere. It gives you a sense of panic and doubt.
"Is this the right path? Nothing's happening yet, should I go on with this venture?"
Based on my experience, it's okay to get lost. Because it gives you the moment to reflect on whether or not it's for you.

I panicked at around March this year because I had a hard time looking for clients. I was thinking, "Shoot. Not another dead end. Maybe this really isn't for me." I had self doubts. But I realized that it hasn't even been a year since I started to do Photography full-time. I'm way ahead of myself. Everything takes time. Now I'm really blessed for being able to book shoots. I grab every opportunity even if it means losing sleep for 2 days or straining my back for a couple of hours. I love it.

It's okay to feel lost sometimes. It gives you a whole new perspective and points you to the right direction.

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