Snow Patrol in Manizzle

Last night I had the most awesome opportunity to watch Snow Patrol LIVE! No, you don't understand, I've been a fan since 2005 and they were such a big part of my college years. They were in my ear every morning as I commuted to school and even when I was just hanging around the campus. I'd play their songs with a guitar as I hung out with my friends during long breaks. Their lyrics are incredible and when I saw them play live on TV I swore to myself that I'd watch them if they came to Manila.

So! Guess who had butterflies in her tummy when she found out she had a free pass to watch?? THIS LADY! We helped out selling autographed CDs and posters before the concert. The band decided to do this to help out the people who were affected by the flood and rain. We got to raise more than P50,000 that night!

The big reward was finding out that our free tickets were literally less than 10 meters away from the stage. WHAT. Yes. 3rd Row. I saw Snow Patrol and all of Gary Lightbody's glory.

Luckily my friend Sarie snuck her camera in and got to take delightful pictures of the band! So you won't have to deal with my silly digi-cam photos. You have to take a look at the band's set up though which I took here. Amazing right?

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  1. What an incredible experience for you!! Looks like you had the time of your life :)