Everyday Passionate People: Marthe Hagen

I'm finally doing posts on Everyday Passionate People again! I love being of service to people by inspiring them through this blog. I really hope I can get this going again!

For the latest post, I have Marthe Hagen. I have been an avid follower of her site, The Freedom Experiment for years now and she never fails to run out of things to inspire you with! 

Enjoy reading!

Tell us something about yourself

I'm writing this from a Starbucks in Johur Bahru, the Malaysian city which is located on the border to Singapore. At the time of writing I am waiting for the night train to Kota Bahru - commonly known as the jungle train. I just bought a Malaysian sim card to ensure that I'll be able to blog while I'm spending a week on the Perhentian Islands. I just started writing a blog post about being the change you wish to see in the world, and I will continue to write while I'm on the train. I also plan to do some writing on my book - a different kind of self-help and inspiration book for people (like me) who struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. 

Why am I telling you all this? Well, it pretty much sums up who I am:

I'm a tall (fake) redhead from Norway who loves to travel the world. I was born to write, and I believe that I have been put on this earth with a mission to inspire and help the people around me. I have been through a great deal of sorrow and pain, but I believe it was all for a reason: getting to know myself better so that I can help people more deeply.

Just to let you know me a little bit more  - here is what I just bought as snacks to take on the train: Lychee juice, guava juice, water, chewing gum, two bananas, a little pinapple and some peanuts. Isn't foreign convenience stores so much more fun? Oh yes. 

What is your passion?

Well, I kind of spoilt this already: I love to write. I write anything from blog posts and books to poems and short stories. I also scribble a great deal of notes and I love to write e-mails to my friends. I particularly love helping people who e-mails me with questions or who ask for advice. I want to become a life coach and I will start training in August! 

Another great passion I have is making dreams come true. Mine or yours - it doesn't matter. If you have a dream, share it with the people around you. You'll be amazed at how many people who will summon to help you!

What sparked this passion?

My passion for writing started the first time I read a novel. My mum gave me one of her old Nancy Drew books (I believe it was number 3) and I was instantly hooked. I didn't have that many friends when I was young, so I spent a lot of time at the local library. It didn't take long before I started writing my own stories. My passion for writing non-fiction started when I discovered blogging. At first I read a lot of other blogs, and then I slowly started writing my own. I think the real spark came when I realized I could help and inspire people through my words. It just amazes me how much positive impact I can have in the world.

Your message to the world?

My main message is that everything and anything is possible. If you have a dream (and I believe we all have, even though we might not know what it is yet), there are always more than one way to make it come true. My message behind the Freedom Experiment is that you can always experiment with making dreams come true. I'm a living example right here and now: I dream about being a location-independent writer and although I live in Norway for about 9 months every year I am in fact sitting here in Malaysia and writing right now. It might not be perfect, ideally I would be travelling all the time, but I am making my dream come true right here and now. So, as I said my message is this: You can do it. It is possible. Start today. 


Visit Marthe's site: The Freedom Experiment
Follow her on Twitter: @marthehagen

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