Instaweek 02: Hustling

This week's been pretty busy! Currently enjoying my job at the studio! The fact that I only get to work 4 days a week with a flexible schedule is a dream. I get to shoot my own clients and for the magazine! Sweet. It also gives me the opportunity to still do Shakey's Live Radio every Monday night. I am hustling like a mad man. Thanks to Matt's posts, I am more and more motivated to work hard and still love what I do. You guys should start reading his site, Life Without Pants.

Speaking of working hard and hustling, I've been getting a lot of inquiries regarding my photography services, and I'm pretty psyched about being able to book each and every one of them. 2013's looking bright so far!

I'm off to Boracay to attend and shoot a wedding (gah! My first wedding shoot! No pressure). Although I won't get to bake in the sun, I'm happy I get to go back there after 4 months to hear the calm waves.
Not looking forward to getting a tan because I hear it's quite chilly there right now! Arrrr.

Hope your week has been as busy and fulfilling! Drop a line and let me know how it's been going so far!

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