Class A

So last night I went out with some friends to have drinks. All of them were wearing suits,polos, sleek dresses and gold jewelry, classy black/gray/white/dark blue outfits - you know, like they came from work. I on the other hand was wearing an earthy colored tank top, flared jeans and my usual brown sling bag. The thing was tho, only two of them had jobs, which means only two of them came from work. Now, I'm not one to judge but really, why would you dress up like an executive at a small pub? Is it for the sake of just looking awesome and prestigious to make everyone think that they are?

See what I realized that night, is that most people go through a lot of trouble to seek social approval. I never really thought it still existed, especially with my friends, but unfortunately it does exist. They dress, talk a certain way and even drink certain beverages all so that people would think that they belong to a particular 'social class'.

I was actually talked to about my usual accessories which include a peace bracelet I made, a budha bracelet and a bracelet made from abaca like it was an act of juvenile delinquency just to wear it. I don't think I have to to apologize for not wearing gold chains and pearl earrings. It just saddens me that people still have this mentality and disappointingly look down on people just because they don't fit the upscale image that they themselves try to achieve.

I'd rather dress up comfortably, wear my jeans, put on my bracelets, talk about things that actually matter like the importance of social change and how women's rights are being violated nowadays instead of "the new LV Bag that my boyfriend gave me and how much it costs".


  1. I totally agree with this. I have a group of friends who seem to always dress the same with the newest in Polo and American Eagle shirts and it just gets old. Now, this isn't one of those "down with corporate America" speeches, it's just when THEY all start to look the same it looks kinda dumb. Then I feel wierd for standing out by wearing a UFC shirt or funny tee. But it's just me, ya know?

    Oh and in case you were wondering, I saw your post in that comment group, and that's how I made my way here :)

  2. Amen sister!! I think that it is so great that you don't feel that you have to do that...it show's your security with yourself! I know a lot of people who live their life to please/fool others and all they are going to end up with is one empty fake friend life because they don't let their true selves shine through!

    Oh and I awarded you a blog award on my site if you want it :)

  3. Great post! I totally feel the same way - why does everyone have to feel like they have to conform to society like this? Can't people just be casual and enjoy who they are, and be authentic? And like you said, most people definitely care way too much about trivial material things, and too few care about the things that matter. Like social change.

  4. I totally agree with you. Great post!

  5. very interesting post!

    everyone does tend to conform in society.. I guess its a way of fitting in...

    I always look at groups of friends from high school that havent gained any new friends in the 6 years out of school, they dress alike, listen to the same music, talk the same, everything is the same. What would they have to talk about when they are all exactly the same? what fad they are going to copy next?

    it just doesnt make sense.

    good on you for being an individual.

  6. Thank you for your insights and taking the time to read this post. Looking forward to reading your blogs as well!:)

    Mr O: I know what you mean! And that's exactly how I feel when Im out with these friends of mine :)

    Joshley and the Charles: Exactly, I really don't know how they do it. It's such a struggle to hide who you really are, I wish everyone would just flaunt their true selves!

    Akhila: Exactly! You can't pretend to live a different life forever, that would just be too sad. And yes, we should all start caring about the more significant things in life :)

    Nic: Thank you!:)

    Al: No new friends in 6 years? Wow. Maybe you can help them get out of their comfort zone! That's true tho, most groups consider themselves as just 'one person', they're one with everything. Someday you'll just have to learn to break free from that.

  7. I totally agree with you! People want to project a certain persona I guess, although why everyone would dress up for a pub boggles my mind. But then again I'm all for comfort in jeans and shirt!

  8. Moonjava: Same here! I honestly don't get it either. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. I live in the city filled of artificial rules like this. I shamefully say that I do dress up on weekends, all those stresses with hair done and nails polished perfectly. Although on normal days I like it casual. It's like a society rule and there are places where it applies harder than the rest.

  10. I think there are exceptional places where you can dress up and be posh. Just not a small pub :)