Happiness in the Loo

Just last night, I stayed at a friend's place for dinner and then later on played "Bust a Move" on PS1, yes, PS. I had to go to the little girls room and just as I was finishing up, I noticed the coolest toilet paper in the world: Minus the box of course. I was too excited to see it I had to ask my friend where she got the roll, and she said it was given to them and she actually gave me one new roll! *Wait, am I actually this enthusiastic about toilet paper...? YES!* Except mine's blue instead of black. I don't think I want to use it. Although, Im not really a fan of crosswords, so I was hoping I could get my hands on this:

Now this is the coolest toilet paper in the world! I love Sudoku and what better way to enjoy your time in the loo but to play this mind game? Okay too much dorkiness going on, I'll stop. But if anyone can find me one, I will give you all the love I can give.

I love it how small things can make you happy. Who knew a roll of tissue could make your day?


  1. Indeed! I wonder how people come up with these things!

  2. i would NEVER leave the bathroom if i had that haha