All Dolled Up

As a favor for my friend Kaycee, I agreed to be her 'model' for the day. Ugh, I don't like the word. Guinea pig. There you go! (Don't get me wrong tho, she's an artist!) That's her with the gorgeous bangs!

She studies in the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty. I admire her for dropping her corporate work in real estate and really going for her passion: Make up.
Most of her family members didn't approve, but she went for it anyway. Starting with selling makeup, giving free facials for Mary Kay and practicing her makeup skills as well. She loves painting people's faces and she said she could do it all day.

Since I had nothing else to do that day, and I wanted to feel pretty just once, I went to her school and sat on that tall director's chair infront of the larg mirror with lights! Just like a superstar! She did a really awesome job that day going for two looks, the tropical fresh look (which actually matched my dress) and the bloody red lips! Trust me, the lips weren't easy to do. I didn't realize how much effort was needed to do those lips! Shaping it, shading it and making it look perfect.
It really does make a difference, doing something you love for work. You feel motivated to be better at it and try hard to master your craft. And you don't mind doing everyday because, it's what you want to do for the rest of your life!

I want to end my entry with this: What makes YOU happy? What fills your heart? I encourage all of you to find that 'thing' (whatever it may be) that makes you feel good and content at the end of the day :)


  1. my tarantulas make me happy. seriously. having Forrest crawl on my arms and hands relieves stress after a long and grueling day. :)

  2. Looks like you both had a fantastic day of fun :) And such a great reminder to always follow your passion in life, whatever it may be.


  3. Matsu: Hahaha! That's very unusual but at least you know it! :)

    the girl: Indeed! We all need a little fun :)

  4. its the little things that make me happy!

    i know that - job wise- as long as i am having fun and helping people , then i`ll be content.

    other than that - the small things! karaoke, corssword puzzles, starbucks cookies, travelling

  5. i know that - job wise- as long as i am having fun and helping people , then i`ll be content.-- I agree. It's more than enough.

    Karaoke for some reason makes everybody happy!

  6. Such a nice help that must be for your friend, you did a great thing and look how pretty you look :)

  7. Asia: Aww thanks sweetie! She did a great job actually! It's a total makeover!

  8. Thankyou for the sweet comment and follow, lovely!
    (Also, apologies for my latest post probably filling your dashboard!)
    You look absolutely gorgeous :)
    What makes me happy are my friends and family, and the love I have for them, cliche as it is!
    Also, cuddles are greatly appreciated and playing the piano cheers me up :D