Music Therapy

Downloading music relaxes me. Listening to music I've never heard of or trying to find songs that I haven't heard in a long time makes feel better for some reason. The last time I immersed myself in listening to new music was from a horrible breakup and I unknowingly downloaded more than a hundred songs. Other than that, I have my usual routine of just updating myself with new artists. Anyway, I just needed to heed my attention elsewhere this morning so I decided to look for some oldies and fine some newbies on the way.

Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight
The Perishers- Sway
The Perishers- Trouble Sleeping
The Perishers- Nothing LIke You and I
Pete Yorn- Just Another
Swirl 360- Candy in the Sun
Travis- Know Nothing
Motion City Soundtrack- This is For Real
Santogold- Say Aha
Santogold- You'll Find a Way
The Duke Spirit- You Really Wake Up the Love In Me
The Essex Green- Rue De Lis
The Helio Sequence- Can't Say No
Toby Lightman- This is Love
The River Phoenix- 5 Wheel Drive
Brazilian Girls- Good Time

and the music that made my morning:
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- 15 to 20

Still figuring out how to put music here, don't mind the photo in the video, I'm sorry for that, but it's the only one I could find.

I love the beat! Happy Sunday! Oh, and Happy Father's Day! :)

P.S. I just caught my mom reading my blog! Horrible.


  1. I am loving that song too! Gotta love some Pete Yorn & Brazillian Girls. I will have to check out some of the others! Thanks for sharing.


    Ps My mom secretly reads my blog too, I think it's sweet!

  2. Those are some awesome tracks in there. Save tonight is a classic. Please tune into my blog, as it mostly about music, and not even on purpose. But I plan on posting (hopefully soon) about all the good new music out there. Maybe you will find a new artist or two. Like I have just found on yours...

  3. Miss Tabs, you have some seriously good songs in there (LOVE Save Tonight!) So funny that your mum reads your blog - hi, Mrs. Tabs! Thanks for sharing some new artists - must check them out :)

  4. Keeley: Really?? I find it difficult to fully express myself knowing that she reads it now. I hope she doesn't remember the site. She just stumbled on it! haha

    Mr. O:Just checked out your blog, pretty neat! I see you like Taking Back Sunday, I fancied them a lot before! Thanks for stopping by!

    The girl: Save Tonight is just CLASSIC. Let me know how you like the other artists :)

  5. I absolutely love Eagle Eye Cherry. It's nice to know someone else does, too. And, I seriously don't know how I'd react if I knew my family read my blog! ha

  6. I LOVE Santogold and Brazilian Girls!