A Step Towards Awesomeness

Photo: Guillaume Lechat

Finally! I get to blog! I've been finding time to do so, its just that since the turnover, I had to learn so many things in so little time. I'm working girl now folks! Things are starting to get heavier since the Fall Winter Collection just arrived. That means I'm gonna have to write press releases for it and contact all the stylists and editors to let them know they can get the outfits for their magazines already.

First of all, let me just rant about how impossibly GROSS it was to find out that my desk drawer was infested by roaches! Seriously. The girl I replaced warned me about it, she said she locked the drawer because she didn't want to deal with those creatures anymore. So during the weekend (yes, I have work on weekends) I brought bug spray with me and cleared the drawer! Ack! It wasn't pretty. At least now I can safely work without being too paranoid about little brown things surprising me every now and then.

My co-workers are awesome, most of them are my age and we get along quite well. I had to catch up on all the gossip that was going on in the office. I'm honestly not really into it, but I'm with them all the time and I can't help but absorb everything they say. But like I said, they're great.

My boss.. has a temper but I have yet to experience it. My co-workers say it's surprising that she hasn't yelled at anyone since I started. People have been warning me about how angry she can get and how strong her personality is. Fortunately, the day I was hired was the day she got a boyfriend! Ahhh the wonders of love. I just hope they don't get into an ugly fight. She loves playing house music in the office, thank God for iPods!

For today, I would like to thank the following artists:
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Subways
Jamie Cullum
Iron and Wine
The Strokes
Al Green
Corinne Bailey Rae

I honestly enjoy my work and I don't mind working extra hours for it. People say it's only because I'm starting. Maybe they're right, I'm on a first week high. But I really do love my work and I'm learning a lot from it too. What motivates me is what I read from The Art of Nonconformity on How to Be Awesome. It changed me and the way I thought about work, and so far it's doing me good!

This would be my favorite:


That’s right, aspiring bloggers – you too can have 70,000+ readers and write your own ticket to internet fame – but it won’t happen by playing World of Warcraft every night.

If you aren’t blogging, the same principle holds true with most other work that is worth doing. Yes, I know about things like life / work balance, taking time off to rest, and so on. Those are things you do after you’ve created your world of awesomeness. Jason Calacanis put it best, “If you want to work 9-5, get a job at the Post Office.”


  1. how funny... I had a miserable boss at my last internship and one day she came in and suddenly wasn't so grumpy anymore. I found out later that she had started dating (a guy she met on Match.com, of all places!) and after that she was a LOT more pleasant... it's true what love can do to you!! CONGRATS on the job!
    and ps--I LOVEEEEEE iron & wine!!

  2. Thank you very much! and Im actually genuinely happy for her! Every time I see her talking with her guy in the morning SMILING, instantly makes my day! Goodluck on the job hunting! :)