Nothing Like You and I

I'm usually not a fan of love songs, because sometimes they over do it, the lyrics I mean. I appreciate songs that are just so raw, you get it right away. The words are so simple, but it hits you. This one's impossible to hate. It's an old song I can't stop listening to.
Long live The Perishers for this song! Enjoy :)


  1. You know, some people call Coldplay depressing and sad, but honestly they are only those emotions if you feel that way before pressing play. But if you want songs with real good lyrics check out Warning Sign, In My Place, & Amsterdam. They are kind of songs about (lost) love, there only real "in love" songs may be Yellow and Fix You.

  2. I totally agree with that! The songs only really "hit you" are when you're going through the same ugly thing. I actually like some of Coldplay's songs and lyrics. I know it sounds so girly but I appreciated The Scientist thanks to Wicker Park. Damn you Josh! will check out the 3 songs you suggested.