I'm on a blogging roll! I just want to make up for all the lost blog time. Anywho, a friend of mine told me about this vegetarian house turned restaurant and of course I had to try it out! I'm not vegetarian, but I am pescetarian (I only eat seafood/veggies and fruits). I've been getting a lot of questions from my friends about this and it's frustrating having to explain myself, but hopefully, this could be a transition to being vegetarian (a more familiar term).

The place is called Greens located in Scout Castor street in Quezon City. It looked very quaint from the outside, like a bungalow house. I usually buy food from this vegetarian store near our house when I want to eat something "meaty" but only a few dishes satisfy my taste buds, so I decided to try this out.

Okay, so this would be our appetizer, Chicharon. I honesly think we're the only country who has this. Basically, it's deep fried pig skin. Ack. I forgot to ask what this is made of, but now they sell these in grocery stores that's made of dried peas. Yay!

Next we've got Sisig, this would be one of the most popular dishes here in the Philippines especially while drinking beer. I don't know, they just go well together I guess? Not to be too graphic but in a nutshell it's like smashed pig ear/face with soy sauce and all the other seasonings that make it so yummy. But it's really really good. For this dish its made with mashed tofu and gluten, with garlic, onions, and ginger as its seasoning.
We also had baked eggplant with melted cheese and butter with minced tomato and basil leaves. *Im sorry I really suck when it comes to talking about food, coz I'd rather just eat them than write about them*. Then pineapple mango banana shake for my drink which was absolutely refreshing! I got the pictures from The Picky Pescetarian because my camera shots didn't turn out so well. I wonder when I'm turning vegetarian?

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