Meet the Popo's!

Meet my office buddy. I thought I'd bring something to the office from my home just to make my office space a bit 'personal'. I think I'll end with this cute elephant that holds my paper clips and tiny post-its. I won't be putting pitcures there anytime soon.

Now for the real reason I'm writing! I'm sure most of you have had run-ins with the law and I've had my fair share. Maybe even more. Here in Manila, it's very easy to talk your way out of a traffic ticket. I know it's not very patriotic of me to say, but it's true. Most of them would just hand over P50 ($1) and they're free as a bird. I'm not here to rant about the corruption happening in the smallest scales of our government, no. I'm here to list the things I have done to avoid getting a ticket! So here they are:

1) Offense: Beating the Red Light, Excuse: "The New Driver"
" I'm so sorry! I didn't notice! It was still yellow! *of course this is me speeding up on a yellow light instead of slowing down* My parents are going to kill me! It's my first time to bring the car and I'm getting a ticket? Please please please just let me off with a warning?"

2) Offense:Swerving, Excuse: "Late for an Exam"
"Oh my gaaawd! I'm really sorry! I'm terribly late for an exam and if I don't get there, I'm not going to graduate!"
--The officer realized he also had a daughter taking an exam that same day and so he let me go.

3) Offense:Coding, Excuse: "I'm not from the Philippines"
-- For those of you who don't know, we have a traffic law in Manila called "Number Coding" (click here for a little info on it--2nd paragraph) It's a LOT complicated.
"I'm so sorry officer, I didn't know about this whole 'coding' thing, I just had to pick up my brother and we were just heading home now!"
--Sad truth about traffic enforcers here, is that once you speak in a straight american accent, they'll let you go instantly.

My favorite:
4) Offense: Counterflowing a One Way Street Excuse: "I'm Lost"
--and I really was! I was seriously lost. I was dropping off clothes for a magazine shoot and I just couldn't find the friggin place! It took me around 20 minutes of persuading the officer to let me go. When he refused, I CRIED. I shed those tears like a broken pipe! He eventually felt bad for me and gave my license back, PLUS he gave me directions to place. How nice of him :)

These aren't ALL of my encounters, but these were the funniest and coolest ones. haha
I'm not putting it here for you to try it, *but if you happen to be in the same predicament, why not? Let me know how it goes ;)* I just realized how EASIER it is for girls to flash that sweet smile, or puppy-dog eyes to charm their way out of a ticket than it is for men. I don't think I've met a guy who sweet-talked his way out of it, have you?


  1. I guy who sweet talks his way out is no guy at all. I hate to admit it (God forgive me), but when a traffic officer would stop me before, I'd just drive on by. It's not like he's going to run after me. ;) I miss driving in the Philippines! There's so many rules here. More rules=more rules to break. Speed limits and stop signs everywhere!

  2. That would probably suck for me. I'd would much rather ride public transportation! You could always sweet talk when a lady officer pulls you over ;)

  3. that elephant is SO cute! i want to steal it and bring it home with me and name it ralph! aaaawww, ralph! but i won't, because i'm nice like that. :)

  4. Very good to know! But Ralph would be a good name for the elephant :)

  5. Hey, that elephant looks familiar! =33

    (And high five on the favorite experience. xD)

  6. That's riiiight! Such an awesome gift :)

  7. Awe how lucky! My tactics have not once worked :(

  8. Well given that your traffic officers are stricter compared to the Philippines, it would be incredibly difficult! But I say, persevere! :)