Pay Check of Love

Holy snap I haven't blogged in almost a week. Work's been wearing me out, but not because it's all hectic, the hours are just too long. Anyway, I'm psyched about my new phone. I first wanted the X1, but after the talk with the sales lady, she said it wasn't a very nice phone *awesome marketing skills*, then again I thank her for her honesty. I figured after a while that I didn't want a touch phone, nor phones with qwerty keypads. I founf my need for a digital camera AND a new phone so I decided to buy this on my first pay check! Lovely. I can finally take pictures anytime anywhere. Ha! Here are some of my photos:

Yeah I know, it's all food. I've been eating a lot lately! Except for that burger steak on the upper left of course! I wouldn't dare eat it. But the rest are mine! Baked Salmon, Mango cake, Banana Waffles, and Grilled Dory. Ohhh. I think it's that time of the month again. * And I just pubicly announced it* It's only natural!

I've also got news about work! It's very very juicy, but I'm very hesitant to write about it here. I'll think about it. I hope everyone's having a great midweek!

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