Where The Wild Things Are

This is type of film makes you feel young again. In a way it touches the child in you, and you know you enjoy it. I love how our imagination was wild and free when we were younger, you don't have to analyze so hard, it just comes out naturally.

The pool becomes your ocean where you become a mermaid and you actually try to swim like one(haha), the backyard becomes your base as you defend it from your enemies, the garden becomes your kitchen as you try to make "mud pies" and the tent is your house as you live like a gypsy. I'm sure all of us went through this. Although I don't remember having an imaginary friend.

I'm not sure if it's going to show here in Manila, but I think I remember seeing the trailer at one particular cinema. Maybe it'll only be showing in selective theaters. Can't wait!


  1. I cannot WAIT for this - as a kid, I read this book every other day - and as your summary says above, it's one of those movies that will just make you feel young again - an escape from reality. One of my most anticipated movies by far this year. I'll be there opening weekend!

  2. I envy you so much! Thanks for dropping by Matt, i love your work :)