UFC 101

I would have to say I was quite disappointed at Forrest Griffin's loss to Anderson Sillva. Okay, I know, him winning was a long shot, but I really wanted him to prove himself (even if I bet on Silva for this one). This was a humiliating knock out at 3:23, Griffin went straight to the locker room right after he lost, no interviews, nothing. I guess Silva was just too fast for him. Anderson remains unbeatable, and I won this bet!

As for BJ Penn and Kenny Florian's fight, I was torn! I'm glad BJ Penn won, it showed that he really worked hard after his loss to GSP and this was a big fight for him to prove himself and defend his title. But I did want Florian to win too, he got himself all worked up for this fight. Kenny Florian's 'strategy' of working Penn out didn't exactly work for him, and Florian ended up tapping to a rear naked choke. I lost this bet. (haha)

I can't believe UFC 102 is in the same month! 2 weeks from now, Randy Couture will be facing off against former PRIDE Heavyweight and UFC Interim Heavyweight champion, Antonio Nogueira. This is gonna be GOOD.

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