Umbrella Heart Shaped Burger

DJ Pat texted me about having tickets to the Marie Digby concert, and since I decided not to attend my co-worker's wedding ( does that make me an awful friend?), I said yes to the ultra short notice. It was raining hella hard, it wasn't funny. My new shoes got wet and I just felt AWFUL about it.

The concert was pretty neat, although we both weren't fans, I would have to say Marie Digby has HEART for her music. Her songs would most likely fit teenage girls who are all about love. Girls who are ultimately moved by heartbreak and love songs. People were swaying their hands when she was singing "Say It Again" and we were both sitting and watching the crowd go gaga over that hit song here in the Philippines.

She also sang "Umbrella" which made the audience sing along. I didn't mind that at all since it WAS a concert, I only had one problem: The girls infront of us who behaved like uneducated beings. Okay that was harsh. They decided to pull out their UMBRELLA, laughing and Woo-ing while Marie was singing, she even noticed it and went along with it.

FYI, the concert was at NBC Tent, the place is actually pretty classy and the tickets were quite expensive for someone who hardly had a following here. These are also the type of girls who think it's 'cool' to drink while watching a concert. They would savour that one shot for everyone to pass around * REALLY??* Anyway, so here they are, raising their umbrella for Marie Digby, take it away girls:

I forgot to mention that DJ Pat had two extra tickets with him and decided to sell it to some stranger, he was nice enough to use the money for our late night dinner, and look! A heart shaped burger! How neat and surprising. I think the people there thought we were on a date. haha But oh well! It's still pretty cool. Of course this is my vegetarian burger (which wasn't very pleasant). At least it LOOKS yummy. :)


  1. Concerts are always good when the performer is really into it. Kinda hard to see though with umbrellas in your face!

    Oh and that is an awesome heart shaped burger :)

  2. "Kinda hard to see though with umbrellas in your face!"-and them laughing most of the time too!

  3. You should have pulled out a lighter waving it around to the music. Then when it 'accidentally' causes their umbrella to burst into flames, maybe they'll get the hint?!
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  4. Quarterlifestyle: It is, isn't it?:)

    Granolan: That it pure genius. I feel bad I don't have such a devious mind like yours :)

  5. I tend to have the same problems whenever I go to concerts. Whether it's just annoyingly loud girls at the Jump, Little Children concert, or obnoxious fans at a Switchfoot concert. Annoying people are everywhere--I'll never get used to it.
    Nice burger, by the way.