My Hesitant Feet

I've been planning to post something about this brand. I honestly admire brands who aren't afraid to proclaim their love for God. I think it's a brilliant business for them to sell extra genius shirts and at the same time express their passion for both God and their art. Dan mentioned this to me while we were chatting away out of boredom at our own offices, and I was initially amazed at the designs.

So, I'm adding them on my "Links to Love" list, because I support what they do and am very proud of them (even if I don't personally know the people behind this brand). I am promoting it. You can easily order the shirts online. They don't even cost much, plus most if not all of their shirts are limited, so if you like a design, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it :)



  1. There are some awesome T-shirts on that website...I just wish they were available for more than 48hrs.

  2. Hmm Im sure they have reasons for that :) marketing/business strategy perhaps?

  3. Oh wow thats a cool website.. thanks for sharing!