Old Boy

My boss is currently at a National Retailers Conference Expo and has left us utterly bored here in the office. I've finished most of my reports and proposals and I have absolutely nothing to do anymore aside from constantly checking my twitter, facebook, and watching movie trailers.
To amuse myself, I decided to finally watch the video DJ Pat asked me to view. Unfortunately he bet on Forrest Griffin instead of Anderson Silva and obviously lost it. As consequence to this dumb decision he had to go through pain. Sorry, I refuse to place it here. :)

Today, my friends and I will be watching "The Last House on the Left" which I heard was said to be brutal and gory. We'll be watching the remake, the toned-down version-i think. Looking at the tagline, I'm guessing the movie is about revenge.

The last 'revenge' film I saw was quite disturbing, it affects you psychologically but the story was intensely amazing. I'm talking about the Korean film, "Old Boy"which is so twisted, even more twisted than "Orphan"- which I didn't exactly enjoy by the way. Revenge is a shallow term for the story, vengeance would be most appropriate. I learned about this movie from a French girl I worked with when I was an intern. She said this was her favorite movie, so I decided to take Frenchy's recommendation and I loved it.

I'm all about original films and I actually don't understand why people need to do re-makes of films, because rarely do they come out with something better. I heard Will Smith will be playing the lead role in a RE-MAKE of this film, and will be directed by Steven Spielberg. Here's to another disappointment. I highly highly suggest you watch the Korean film first.

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone."-Old Boy (2003)