Secondhand Love

I hate cheaters. I hate people who ruin a good relationship and don't have the guts to just say, "Sorry, we're just not working out". Unfortunately, I was cheated on. 5 months in the relationship, I saw my ex's message to HIS ex telling her how he still loves her.. OUCH!!! Right? Right. I made him cry that day. He deserved it. Ass.

I just recently received a message from a guy who has a a girlfriend. He texted me something flattering, and even if it's an ego-booster, I felt annoyed at how he can do such a thing to his pretty girl friend. What a terrible thing to do! In my honest opinion, you don't need to kiss another girl to say you're a cheater. Here's what I think:

If a guy in a relationship LOOKS at another girl-- That's totally fine. Looking is harmless plus nothing is initiated by just looking.

If a guy texts another girl that include the words:cutie, beautiful, hot..*and everything else synonimous* and is obviously referring to THE GIRL what would result to simple flirting-- that would be CHEATING.
Everything beyond this is considered cheating as well.

Do i sound too uptight? I really don't think it's too much. I mean if you really value the relationship and love the person you, wouldn't even DARE make a move that would put your relationship on the line. Like I said, if it's not working out and you want 'out' BE FRANK. It doesn't hurt-- I mean it WILL, but you'll be fine eventually.

OKAY! Let's lighten up the mood with some cheating humor :)


  1. uptight? not at all!
    ur so right!
    I think the exact same way!!!!

    There's no reason to even look/text/flirt to someone else ir ur entirely happy with your partner.

    That's the way it MUST be.

    You deserve a man according to God's heart and someone who can truly fall in love with you and make you HIS ONLY ONE PRINCESS!

  2. Ahhh I'm glad you agree! And yes, who wouldn't want to be treated like a princess.

  3. IT'S SO TRUE. Relationships are founded on trust. If you break that trust, you're breaking someone's heart, and you might as well break up altogether.

  4. i agree if you start flirting then already its too far. ill be honest and say i was in a relationship thinking i was head over heels in love but still i seemed to crave attention from other guys and i was in texting no gos. but now im with someone else and i realize how different it is, and how much more i love him because i honestly just dont even notice other guys anymore. i think that once you are with the best person for you then neither person in the relationship will flirt or anyhting with anyone else because they already have everything and dont need to look for more.

    anyway, good post. saw you on 20sb 'we love comments' group. keep on writing and way to get out of that relationship!

  5. Amandasaurus: It's very sad, but I do believe some people deserve a second chance. Then again, once they've done it they're very much likely to do it again.

    Blossom: I'm so glad that you found that person who makes you feel very content and satisfied with your relationship. I honestly think it's very rare and hard to find that kind of person, and it's good to know that you have :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. saw the link thru twitter.

    and i must say, you are right. and there is no excuse for it. lines should be drawn lol.