Espanya & Nogueira

I've always dreamed of living abroad. Or just getting out of Asia in general and see what else is out there. Since my mom mentioned an opportunity to go to Spain, I couldn't stop thinking about it. There's a big chance that I could actually live there for a year or so, working for my aunt's friend. I've often said to myself that I won't mind getting mediocre work if it's abroad (especially Europe!), but if I have to work here, it's gonna have to be something I really want. So at least I'm enjoying my current job.

My mom is very encouraging and she really wants me to be able to travel too. I mean, I can just work on weekdays and go around Spain during weekends and maybe even visit a friend in Paris! *See how excited I am about this?*

But for now, I'm gonna have to hold myself down and keep loving retail, till everything is fixed. It's going to take a while, but my hopes are very much up as of the moment.
Ahh Spain Spain, beautiful Spain.

Okay, turning into a dude for a while: It's UFC 102 tomorrow!

Main event's going to Randy Couture Vs. Antonio Nogueira- I'm going for Nogueira on this one, looking at his stats I think he has advantage, then again he's old. They're both old. But I feel more heart for Nogueira.

Co-main event is going to be Keith Jardine Vs. Thiago Silva, man, I honestly haven't seen "The Dean of Mean" fight, as much as I think he'd win this, I'm going to Thiago Silva. Any bets?
Just 24 more hours!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I love UFC! And I now LOVE YOU! I too am betting on Nogueira, hands down! And although I am not a fan of Jardine, he sure gets the job done, however I would never count thiago out! My good friend Evan Dunham just fought his sencond official fight with the UFC just minutes ago. He was the first fight on the card. The fights are happening in the town I live in and I just got the call from all the guys that he won! Im so proud. You are rad for posting about this. I am officially a fan of you and your blog!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad to hear that! I wasn't able to watch the fights this morning so I'm gonna have to wait for the replay tonight. I'm feeling good about my picks too! My brother just told me that Evan Dunham's fight was pretty good, I'm gonna have to look out for that tonight! So glad I can finally talk to someone about UFC in my blog! Cheers!