Shoe Got Me, Baby.

I finally found you! Grey jersey pumps from Topshop! I didn't think it would arrive here in the Philippines so I settled for something close to the pumps that cost a lot less. They didn't have the color that I wanted so I bought the purple one instead:

But as I was walking from the thrift shop back to my car, I decided to stop by Topshop and look at the outfits that I know I would never get to buy because they are just way too expensive for me. But then I saw the GREY ONE *Cue choir and white light*:

I felt SO HAPPY. Had to buy it right away. Hello pretty shoes, you will go great with my skinny jeans, denim shorts and short dresses. You totally stole my heart.

Cute window display over at Schu Galleria :)


  1. mehn! you bought it na pala agad haha :p imma have my own from Topman (hopefully) soon! hahaha

  2. YES! I was drooling over it when I saw it :) Go get yours so we could wear them together!

  3. that's awesome! love the bear! it is such an amazing feeling to find the shoes you have been dreaming about :) have a great day!

  4. Those look really comfy! Thanks for commenting, I hope you'll visit again ^_^

  5. Joshley: It's nice to hear from you again! :) And yes, there's a sense of fulfillment when you finally get to wear your dream shoes!

    Amanda: They are! I will definitely :)