I just turned 22! I don't think there's anything exciting about being 22, except that you're blessed with another year! I mean unlike turning 13, 16, 18 or 21, 22 is very.. normal I suppose.
I celebrated early with some of my co-workers and took a birthday leave the next day! Awesome. The day of my birth, I decided to:

Renew my license: I waited two years for this because my picture was AWFUL. Cops- I mean officers used to ask me if it was really me. Yeah, that bad. So I said to myself I'd smile and look awesome when I renew it and what happened?? They take the picture right AFTER I smile!! Suckazz.

Have my nails done at Luxe: They gave me a free hand and foot massage because it was my birthday! How awesome! Also, when I was reading Instyle Magazine's September issue and guess what I saw!

The nailpolish I chose! Had to pay extra P100 for it though, since it's Chanel.

Buy myself a birthday gift: Remember the booties I wanted that I saw in LookBook? I found them!

Oh! My aunt gave the most random birthday present, to make me feel "young" and not feel sad about being old:

It's a green cow! You can sit on it! hahaha

I also feel great that my friends from Paris, California and Vegas texted me a birthday greeting! Ahhh that's that. It's the 26th now, my day's over. Thank you God for a spankin' 22nd birthday!

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