On Media Kits and Figaro

I never thought I'd get to blog again. Obviously work has been slashing my back making me exert extreme efforts these past two weeks. I finally got to do productive and effective projects for work, two of those would be our Facebook account and the release of our Fall Winter 2009 Collection, which one of the owners herself from Paris approved and "liked".

The most recent one was the delivery of our Press Kits. I had to go around Manila and give our lookbooks, together with the collection descriptions. This one was fun. How can going from one magazine to another be stressful? Highlight of my day was getting to shake hands with LA Consing Lopez, Fashion Editor of Rogue Magazine (click here to view their latest cover shoot). He's one of my favorites now.

Now about Figaro, prepare to see something disgusting, if not completely disturbing.

I was pleased to find someone to have brunch with yesterday. DJ Pat and I decided it was time to use the Gift Certificates from Figaro (one of the sponsors of their radio station). So we did! Met up in Figaro, Emerald Ave. and ordered an omellete with brewed coffee. While I was enjoying 1/4 of my food, I noticed something. Here's a shot of my food before eating it:

Noticed anything? No? You're gonna have to be more keen to details than that!

Yes, that would be a ROACH in my salad. How can you NOT lose your appettite?! I can't stand roaches and to find one in my meal almost made me cry. We told the waitress about this and they just offered to replace the meal-- Uhh NO? You think it's THAT easy to resolve? We asked for the gift certificates back, since we did, in a way "pay" for the meal and they intially refused to give them back, they only gave it after Pat threatened to call the head office.

I honestly enjoy having my coffee here, and it just upset me that the first time I decided to actually EAT here, THIS happens. IT was on a salad. I'm no chef but everyone knows that salads are supposed to be washed and fresh. This makes me think of how they prepare their food now, not only in this branch but in all the other branches. I mean, how can they be any different right?

So thanks to the unsanitary food preparations of Figaro, I'm never eating there again.


  1. Vom! That's HORRIFYING! Ugh. Definitely killed my appetite.

  2. Terribly sorry for that. To think I already took a bite at the salad too! Ugggh

  3. eww. i think that branch REALLY has problem with roaches. . hindi naman cguro lahat ng branch ganyan. not all branches are company-owned.. (Emerald branch is company owned) don't generalize, baka dyan lang sa store na un. .

  4. Maybe. But they still carry the name of the brand, and whether its company owned or not, it's still Figaro. Also, the salads are most likely packed salads, and all franchises have the same supplier.. so its possible for it to happen in other branches regardless if its company owned or not.

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