My Magic 8 Ball Says..

I recently had my 'fortune' told through a radio programme. They have this segment where you give your name and complete birth date and pick an aspect in your life: career, love, health, financial. The guy's a a psychic (obviously) and he calls himself "Brother Eddie"- a spoof of a public figure here in the Philippines. I was intruiged at how fast he could come up with an analysis of the listener's life who would text in their birthdates to the show. I wanted to test how he would come up with my fortune, so I asked DJ Pat to text the DJs on board and ask Brother Eddie to talk about my career.

Basically, what he said was, "Your work place isn't at all great, in fact, the office life is quite messy. But i see one big project ahead of you, and it looks like it'll be abroad!"

I was like, " That's it??? " I mean that applies to ANYONE who hates their job and is hoping to work abroad. But that's the thing, I LOVE my job. Yeah, it's not perfect, but I haven't complained about it one bit and I know for a fact that I'm going to learn a lot as an advertiser and PR specialist from that company.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of horoscopes and fortune tellers. Sure they have an astrological basis for it. But how do they come up with the specifics of your life based on the stars? How can they say that "your day's going to be awful because one person's going to talk behind your back today" based on the alignment of the stars and your planet?

I guess my point is, you shouldn't look up at the stars or the moon or even on the unknown creatures outside our planet just to know your fate, because frankly, you can't really count on that. What you can count on is your PASSION to get to that goal and letting the BIG GUY up there help you get to that dream. No crystal balls, no tarot cards, just a whole lot of faith and heart.


  1. Have I mentioned how much I love your blog! it doesnt pop up on my daily blogs, i dont know why, but i still check almost every day. keep it up lovely.

  2. Lacey, thank you so much :) You make my heart melt! Hope you're having an absolutely great day!

  3. Great post! I don't believe in horoscopes or psychics or anything like that.

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