September Lovin'

My weekend was pretty packed. Aside from the parties and meetings I went to, I also attended this dance competition slash concert by U.P. Street Club. My friend Dan had his last performance and I thought I might as well be supportive. There were some mean freestyling and breakdancing!

I also went to Body Shop's fragrance launch last Thursday and helped my officemate with the fashion show. I found the prettiest head dress and hat that night.

Head dress & hat by M)phosis

I also bought a coffee stirrer, which is just darling:

Coffee Stirrer from Daizen (P85/$1.50)

Then, my awesome friend who came from San Francisco bought me an advanced birthday gift. She knows I'm a fan of peace signs, so she got me a shirt! Plus chocolates, which I can't really eat right now, since I'm recovering from Pharyngitis but will save for that very day I'm free to eat sweets!

Peace, yo.

Burr months are here! First week of September was pretty darn good! I'm loving it since it's my birthday month. I still have no idea what to do for my 22nd year of living, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.. probably two days before. Happy September!


  1. happy birthday month! I lvoe the coffee stirrer so cute :) gald you had a good weekend!

  2. Thanks Ashley! Hope you had a good long weekend:)

  3. I adore your blog. Love your life's style. I cant believe I havent been following you this whole time!

  4. That's incredibly sweet of you Lacey! Thanks for the follow :)