Spring Summer 2010

I got the chance to watch 2 fashion shows today! Thanks to my college friend Maita, who was thoughtful enough to bring me along with her! I wore a vintage dress from a thrift shop which I had altered, I wore a black vest over to give it a warmer feel with a loose braid. This photo was taken weeks earlier:

With Maita my love. Vintage flower dress P100 ($2)

The first show was Joel Escobar, which had a "boxing champion" theme to it I believe.

Next was Twinkle's Spring Summer 2010 Collection:

Despite my car dying on me for forgetting to turn my headlights off and leaving it the whole day--therefore draining the battery and having to wait for my friend's assistance-- it was a fabulous day.


  1. i love your style! especially the vintage dress you are wearing! you should open up a etsy shop or something

  2. Wow! Thank you love! I was thinking of that, just haven't found the time to set it up :) Thanks for dropping by :)