Tomorrow's Just a Song Away

I finally got to watch 500 Days of Summer! Twice! I thought it was fabulous.

At last, something that hits the men hard. Yes, the man gets hurt this time and I find it rare for movies to make men feel so hurt they actually TALK about the movie after and express the sadness that they feel.

This photo is from my favorite scene in the movie where the frame was actually divided into "Expectations and Reality" which I thought was just brilliant. I don't want to ruin anything, so just go watch the film and tell what you think about it!

It really brought something out of real relationships and showed that sometimes, or most of the time, you find happy endings where you least expect it. Of course I absolutely loved the soundtrack as well! I mean come one, the Smiths, Feist, Regina Spektor, Doves and Simon & Garfunkel!

Aside from this movie totally making my week awesome, I'm off to choreograph today (Yes! I found a "sorta" part time job as a dance teacher!)

I'll leave you with the happiest song from the movie, perfect for the weekend.

You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates

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  1. Now that you said it, maybe one reason that i like this movie very much is because Tom is the one who gets hurt... But the more bigger reason is that the movie is about a man trying to fight reality that romance is still intangible thing to some people.

    BTW I think we have the same interest in movies.