Over Wicked Oreos

Been craving for Wicked Oreos from Flaming Wings for a week now, and I'm glad my friend invited me to grab some after work. It was HEAVEN. Oreos heated up and mixed with Cinnamon with Vanilla ice cream. It just really melts in your mouth like crazy. Makes you forget your name.

So my friend and I talked about relationships in general and how mean girls can be because I give 'false promises' to men. Really? I happen to like hanging out with guys, and not because I "like" them, but because I genuinely enjoy their company. Apparently, they see this as an opportunity and a way of building up your so-called (non-existent actually) 'relationship'.

I'd have to completely disagree with this whole idea. If you like a person, you say it. You can't blame the girl for 'giving you false hope' when you've never really putout your intentions. Just as what guys would say, "We can't read minds". Personally, saying you like her would be the best thing to do.

Also, NEVER EXPECT. Please. That's such a killer. Expectations only lead to heartaches. Enjoy the moment and make the most of what you both have NOW.
Don't over think, don't over analyze. It'll only ruin everything.
Am I sounding like a guy here?

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