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Top:Thrifted P50 ($1); Booties: Zara; Necklace: Self Made; Philippine Bracelet: Self Made

New look posted on Look Book. I absolutely love this top, I think its supposed to be for kids, so cut it for an off-shoulders effect. I wore this top to my very first hosting gig at a lingerie fashion show a year ago.

I'd appreciate it if you HYPED my look, but only if you mean it!


  1. Love the top. it complements the blue strap on your shoulder(I don't know what is that). That goes with the bottom too.

    Bracelet is okay, but Philippines is overated,

    Hair and necklace are perfect.

    Sneakers would be better; I dig chicks on kicks.

    So Funky... Nice

    - that's just my opinion, I'm not a fashion guru so I maybe wrong.

  2. Jillian: If I find one of these tops, I might just send it to you! :)

    Twaddle: Thanks for the comments! Fashion's very subjective, so i appreciate your thoughts on it :)