I love the 13th

Most people would think that Friday 13th would be so unlucky. But yesterday just totally proved it wrong.We attended the launch of Mango Magazine a travel magazine under Eastgate Publishing last night after work, had some wine and cheese and of course hogged the photo wall. Headed out after this event, and ended up going to Capones to watch some bands. My friend was playing for Severo and Out of Body Special that night, which was awesome.

But you know what was even more awesome?
MAE dropped by. MAE! Apparently they're fronting for Katy Perry's concert tonight. I was in awe. I listened to this band my whole college life. They're just an amazing band. Okay, I was supposed to take a picture with these guys ALONE. But my friends decided to jump in, thinking they were Switchfoot. I know, it's sad. BUT! At least I still a picture with them. What a night. Friday the 13th ain't so unlucky afterall!

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  1. OMG! Mae... Most of the time bands that are not well known in the mainstream scene visited Philippines without notices. I heard a few years ago Thursday and The Startingline came here just for a bar gig.