UFC Frenzy

I wasn't able to talk about the Couture-Vera fight, so I'll do that right now. I was actually rooting for Couture, mainly because I honestly thought he was too good for Vera, but Vera proved me wrong. He dominated the fight with his strikes and quite honestly, I felt bad for Couture the whole time and knew he was going to lose. So I was really surprised with the judges' decision. Vera deserved to win this, and I think he needed this more than Couture. "Thanks judges".

I'm still all hyped up from this one. I lost this bet, but I was happy with the fight. Daaaaang! Griffin did excellently during the third round, I kept yelling for Ortiz to DO SOMETHING. I'm glad Griffin won anyway. I won't be surprised if there would be an Ortiz-Griffin 3. That would be more than awesome!

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  1. ah, the wrong question to ask me right now! im going through a major canon vs nikon war! haha, but really, id love to help, maybe shoot me an email and tell me what it is you would like to shoot and what you want to get out of your photos! that way I can think about it more!

    pea. ess. I effing love you for this post! Vera is the man! and I love his victory dance! and go Griffin! I hate tito!