Brighter Weekend Coming!


I think a wall calendar like this would be most helpful for me, especially because I have terrible short term memory ( ask anyone) and my schedule has been bizarrely full the past week. Ah! About my evaluation, turns out, I got a really awesome feedback in writing. So Hurray! They were all conctructive criticisms, which I would like to absorb and turn into excellent outputs this season. I feel very inspired and motivated! 

Tomorrow's a hectic day, we'll be joining a fashion show together with Topshop and M)phosis at night, then I'm gonna have to rush to my kids' dance concert! I can't NOT watch them because I've taught them for over 4 months and they've improved so much, I'm so proud of them! I HAVE to watch them dance that night. I shall post their photos soon! I have a feeling I'm ending thsi week quite happily :)


  1. very nice blog girl!


  2. I think I need a wall calendar like this too. HAHA!

  3. vee: It's an AWESOME calendar, isn't it. haha

    Isabella: Thank you! So is yours :)

    Thank you for dropping by!