Photo Friday: Fruit Loops!

Taken by my Pentax using Provia film.

I have been inspired by Much Love and decided to challenge myself  to post my photography every Friday. That way, I will have to squeeze my creative juices ( if I have any left), and explore the world of photography more! Tomorrow, I'll be buying B&W and Provia films. :)

So I'm starting with my Fruit Loops photo! Taken at home while I was experimenting on provia film. Doesn't it make you want to pour milk in that bowl and munch on it?:)

Have a splendid weekend my loves!


  1. I like it. I can never set up a day of the week assignment for myself. I always resist following a schedule, even my own!

  2. this photo is so delicious! happy weekend to you too!

  3. Cole & Josephine: haha! Thats true for me too, but I wanted to challenge myself. Let's see what happens :)

    Jacq: Talk to you on Monday love!