5 Minutes of Fame

Or maybe even less than 5.haha Here are some photos that were taken during a shoot. I was interviewed by VJ Chino for MYX's segment, "Wer U At?". I don't know when they're airing this, but i shall let you know very soon! Clothes by Marithe + Francois Girbaud, makeup by The Body Shop.

The heels just didn't work for me. He was too tall and I am just too small. haha! Love the shirt from Girbaud. I got to wear my own accessories too! Which was *insert Barney Stinson's high pitched voice* AWESOME. 


  1. aw very pretty! :)
    ps. looove HIMYM <3

  2. Pau: Thanks hun! Hope to see you soon!
    Projectvee: Thank you. You're sweet:) HIMYM ROCKS!

  3. Awweee, you're so cute! and i like your simple outfit :) and OhmyGoshhhh, he does look tall. I'm very short myself, too. If i were to stand next to him, I would probably be to his elbows or a little below his shoulders, lol =]

  4. love the shirt!!

  5. Maree: Thanks! I twas styled by Girbaud's head Visual Merchandiser :) Thanks for dropping by!

    Anonymous person: It's super comfortable too!

  6. Oh sure! be sure to take a number :) Oh who am i kidding! haha