What's in your bag?

Okay so i missed Photo Friday. But I do have an explanation for it! Work was crazy and I never had the chance to sit down. I'll be having a television interview at our store to promote the Spring Summer 2010 collection and everything was just so last minute, I had to take care of them before the weekend comes!

I found this scanned photo of me and my belongings which was taken in 2008. I realized a lot has changed back then, except for the iPod and the CO Bigelow lip tint * which I can't stop using since I tried it*. Other than that, my two phones have been replaced with just one sleek camera phone, my Ripcurl wallet has deteriorated, and the digital camera has been replaced with a digital SLR. Of course now there are added stuff in my bag, my planner, makeup kit, bottle of perfume, chewing gum wrappers and ATM receipts. It's a mess in there. What's inside yours?


  1. a girl needs alot of things in her bag! i really want a dslr, how much did you pay for yours?

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    lots of love xxx

  2. Hi! I got mine for $977. Im just estimating here, coz its P44,000 in the Philippines :)