Cross Movers

So here are the photos of the kids I taught for 4 months, all preparing for this benefit concert called, "Jam For Life" I felt so blessed to be a part of this production and I am so proud of all of them for working so hard!

Meet the Cross Movers:

Ahh the kids are all taller than me!:)

And here they are at the concert:


I forgot how fun it was to teach dance! I guess your passion really makes ways to get to you one way or another :) But at the same time, I'm glad I have Saturday afternoons to myself again. :) I wonder what's next for me! I hope you're also pursuing your passion as well! Whether it writing, music, technology, public speaking, teaching, or drawing. :) I'd love to know what they are! 


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    good on you for pursuing your passion and passing it on to others. I have considered going into teaching but im not sure im cut out for it.
    My dream is to one day have my own little shop selling my clothes and art.

  2. Hi Natasha! I think you should go for it! You'll never really know unless you try. :) Don't say you're not cut out for it!

    That would be my dream to!Helping young designers sell their clothes and sell my photos as well :)