Everest Ice Cream

After 2 painful hours of waiting for a cab after work, I had a huge ice cream  treat with my good friends Minneli and Andrew over at Bigscoop!

For the Everest ice cream, you can pick any 9 flavors you want, and they make a mountain out of it! So here were our picks:
Strawberry Fields
Mint Chocolate
Pistachio *which was the least favorite*
Cookies and Cream
Midnight Cookies and Cream
Banana Nut *which was surprisingly yummy*
Chocolate Peanut
Rocky Road

We paired them with some french fries, nachos and cheese sticks! Later on we tried knotting the cherry stem in our mouths and Minneli ended up being the only one accomplishing it. I still don't think that knotting a cherry stem proves you to be a good kisser. haha! 

I wish you all a really happy weekend :)


  1. Holy hell, I think I just had a heart attack. A wonderfully delicious heart attack.