Photo Friday: Let's Get Lost

Taken by my Pentax using Provia Film

Sometimes most of the time, I have this fantasy of riding a bike and just going around the city. I want to get lost, eat at some diner, watch the sunset from an unfamiliar place and ride back home in the cool night. 


  1. great shot. it reminds me of looking through my mum and dads photo album. makes you feel as though your there.
    plus i totally understand the bike fantasy, id love to learn to ride one day

  2. It does look like a pretty old photo :) I hope we get to ride our bikes veery soon!

  3. Hey. Do you develop then scan your pictures? Sorry for the stupid question. :) I'm planning on trying film but I have no idea on how to process it. Nice picture, btw. :) And do you think buying a Holga is a good idea? Do you have any sites that could help me? I want to try a new hobby. :)

  4. Hi Anne! I don't think i'm the best person to ask:) I usually have the photos burned on the CD for easier uploads, then they give me a copy of the negatives :) Film is a lot of fun! Holgas are fun too! You'll need lots of light tho, so they're better used outdoors, unless you have a flash :D