Philippine Fashion Week Giveaway

Well I guess the title says it all! I'm giving away tickets to The Philippine Fashion Week! These tickets are for this coming weekend. Here are the shows with the number of tickets available:) Let me know if you want them! Yes, I'm freely giving them away. You don't need to be a follower, you don't need to put a comment and tell me why you deserve them, because everyone deserves something FREE without having to do anything in return :)

I suggest that you google some of the designers if you're not familiar with them :) Whether you know them or not, I think it's still an experience to go to Phil Fashion Week!

So comment here! Or Email me your chosen shows! Spread the love!

Luxe Wear A Collection (15 local designers), Thursday at 730pm SMX- 4 Tickets Available
Bang Pineda & Tina Daniac, Thursday at 930pm SMX- 4 Tickets Available
Michael Cinco, Sunday at 930 pm SMX- 4 Tickets Available


  1. Wow ate Abi, that's so generous of you!
    May I have tickets to the Sunday show? :3

  2. Yes you may! Just let me know how many :)

  3. Okay darlings,all 4 tickets for the Sunday show's taken :)

  4. awww... i wanted to get the sunday show :( but thanks anyways for the invite :) take care :)

  5. hello just wondering if you still have tickets available for may 12 thanks :)