Alice Point Tee by Danny Roberts

I was soo excited when this came! In case you didn't know, I love Danny Roberts because I think he's a brilliant artist. When I found out that he came out with a Forever 21 collection, i had to get one right away! I'm actually wearing it now and its fabulous.

I still feel very sick. I skipped  work yesterday, which was a good start for the long weekend.
It's been raining every afternoon, and I think this song is most appropriate. Makes me feel nostalgic.Doesn't rain make you feel nostalgic?

Worn Me Down by Rachael Yamagata

Happy Independence Day fellow Filipinos!


  1. I hope you feel better :) I gotta go to Forever 21 soon and check out his collection!

  2. Thanks Trixie:) Yeah you go do thaat! haha