Lake View

Pentax; Fuji Film

The weather was quite gloomy when I took these, you can tell. 
Can I express a frustration? For some reason, I feel like I am terrible at using Digital SLRs. Like seriously, I suck at it. Or maybe I just don't practice as much? Yeah, I think that's it. I get all excited and motivated when I use film. I like taking it out to the city and photo trips. I love how my film shots turn out. 

I guess I need to bring my digital out more often. I usually just bring it at night. I need to dedicate a photo trip to digital photography! 


  1. well.. film and digital are two different disciplines. You'd have to learn and unlearn some stuff to switch from one to another :)

  2. I think you only have to practice both with film and digital and, hopefully, show much more pics next time (highlighting the difference between the two, maybe). Thanks anyway, ciao