Time for New York Cheesecake Gelato

I got off early from work today so I went to get that New York Cheesecake gelato I've been craving from Caramia. Side note:  I honestly love where I live. It's near everything. The mall, restaurants, church, work. What more can you ask for?

Back to the gelato, it's sinfully delicious. It beat my ex-favorite, Sansrival. I also bought two slices of Mango Tango for my folks. I spent some time in Caramia to catch up on my recently purchased book, "The Film Club" by David Gilmour. It is exquisite and I'm thinking of watching some of the classic movies mentioned in the book. I think I need to do this more often."Alone time" that's NOT at home.  

Anyway!It's the weekend! I just realized that tomorrow will be my 1st Anniversary at work. I can't believe I survived! 

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