Quick Weekend Note

The week has ended! Finally it's a Friday again. I felt so harassed at work this week. Working on a restaurant opening this September and preparing for the Fall Winter Collection is too much for a tiny lady like me. haha But i love the rush and getting to put meetings, to do lists, and other work-related things on my newly downloaded Awesome Note which is really worth the $3.99 since it's almost like a lifesaver for all those busy bees out there.

I've been thinking of a new project for the blog. I want to share some inspiring and passion-driven stories of everyday people. People who really went for their dreams and succeeded on it or practically on their way to succeeding. I have a short list of people who I can interview. I am very much open to suggestions, or if you think you can share a story that may inspire other people to truly live their lives and go for their passions, email me!

Happy weekend everyone!

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