Denim on Denim

Denim Polo: Cotton On, Top: Thrifted, DIY Denim Shorts, Belt: Vintage,Bag: HK Market, Necklace: Lilmisstabs

Denim on denim used to be a big no no. But since washes have evolved and softer denim polos have come out, it has become quite acceptable. Just put on the right shades and you're good to go. 

That's one of the necklaces I created out of stress from work. My mother asked me not to sell it because she really likes it. I like it too! It has a bit of feminine vintage feel to it, no? I can't wait to finish this next line of accessories!


  1. laidback, simple and clean! nice one tabitha! :)Thanks for dropping me a line on my blog :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. i love your look, laidback yet so chic! <3

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  3. you should totally sell accessories like those. i think it could be a hit. :D

    boat ride through the sky

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  5. I love this outfit! The denim shirt is so nice, at first I thought it was a blazer then I took a closer look hehe. Im glad your Mum told you not to throw this necklace out because its a gem and looks amazing on you. x Lovely blog!

  6. ilove this outfit dear!and I like your name :)
    Visit my blog too!:)

    Simone's Closet

  7. ohh i have a denim shirt in that exact same color and style. loving it. one of my favs :)