So I'm quite fond of...


I adore them. I actually have loads of stuffed elephants given to me by friends, but I had to lock them away since all they do is collect dust. I'm not the crazy type who owns everything elephant. There are people who are dead crazy about.. let's say, Hello Kitty, and their rooms contain everything Hello Kitty, like pillows, blankets, telephones, lamps, it's CRAZY. No, I am the non-addicted, "Oh nice, it's an elephant- I don't really need to buy it just because it's an elephant- but if its really really awesome then I might just buy it" type.
Also, most of these items were just given to me, which is sweet.

That t-shirt, I can totally explain! My friend Pat had it made for my 22nd birthday. I think it's absolutely cute (at the front) and HILARIOUS (at the back). Yes, I do tend to reply after hours (sometimes even days). I think the definition of the "Tabitha Reply" is quite precise. That guy should work for Webster or Encarta. haha

What are you fond of? Do you collect anything in particular? And don't be shy if you're that Hello Kitty addict! :p


  1. hahah i love elephants too, and penguins! <3 and cats! hahha i actually love all animals excepts snakes and that kind :( cause they scare me...

    well, have a nice day and don't forget to visit my blog :)

  2. that's insane- i LOVE LOVE LOVE elephants too!!! cute blog :)

    pls check mine out & follow if interested!


  3. Hi Tabitha (your name is so cool),

    The shirt is such a thoughtful and unique gift. I like deer but there don't seem to be much deer trinkets around. I have one measly wooden deer pendant :( Your collection is enviable!

    Nice blog, btw!

    B from A plus B

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  5. never knew you like elephants! hihi. i like pigs, rabbits and anything red.

    catch up with you soon, busy girl. dont stress yourself too much :D

  6. so cute! u should collect more elephant jewelry! :D i dont think i collect anything in particular. this makes me want to :D

  7. cute necklaces!

    by the way, the "Dine & Play" concept at Tav was implemented just recently. you should go check it out.


  8. this reminds me of LALA! =) Pocoyo's pink elephant friend. .. --> http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2501/3711566145_7dbe65bfb3.jpg

  9. by the way, im fond of "frogs" lol.. but not the real one. i dont know i just end up having a collection of kero keropi or frog items that my friends too have given. AND YEAH THEY COLLECT DUST! lol

    but its way for my friend to find it easy to gift me. probably because I love the color green too. lol. and for my debut, my ice crave was a frog with a crown on it *Hihi* makes sense in the end.. frog prince :)

  10. my college blog before had a dropping frog. lol i dont know where i got them... hm... it's fun to have a fetish too, then its like.. you have a "life" theme :)

  11. elephant jewelery is the bomb :D!