Colors change in the valley skies

Shirt: Cotton On; Scarf: Madlita; Necklace: Lilmisstabs; Rings: Icing

I'm honestly camera shy. I know it sounds like a joke but i find it so awkward posing for the camera which is why i rarely show my face when I post outfits. I just have this eagerness to share what I wore today. 
As you can see, there is an overflow of peace signs in the last photo. You should know that I also have a thing for peace signs. They make me go loco- in a very good way. 

So, I have a dilemma, I was so excited about Tracks of Week, and just when I was about to post some new songs, the site edublogs.tv disappears and leaves me looking for a new site where I can upload my songs to post here. I need help! 

Other than that, I'm happy about today, today's weather, today's happenings and today's friends I got to hang out with after work. Have an awesome weekend!


  1. ooohh loving the loose top with the scarf and hat!! effortlessly chic! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Pretty outfit! I love oversized shirts. Seriously can't get enough of them.

    HELLOOO youre so pretty kaya why are you camera shy!! HAHA. :) Show your face more girl!!

    Aviator Shades

  3. so cuteee <3 i really love this simple effortless outfit!

  4. i get terribly awkward in front of the camera, too, especially when somebody else is taking my picture. you look absolutely adorable & comfortable in these pictures tho! :)

    boat ride through the sky

  5. Hi Tabitha, I am the exact same way. I delete a million more photos than I post because I look like a crazy awkward girl with bad posture. I agree with Gela, You look so natural here. And cozy rainy day outfit. :)

    Bea from A plus B

  6. amazing outfit girl!!
    the shirt is lovely! i'm looking for a shirt like that for such a long time!!

  7. Love the color combination!!! Gray and purple!!! Cute scarf too!

  8. Foo Fighters... well done madame.