Up, up and away!

I would have to say that yesterday was very awesome.

I tried something new and had my very first yoga session ( which I plan on going to again next week),  I got to meet new friends, talk with my kid Tiara and hang out with people I haven't seen or talked to in almost 12 years. I also tried this new place at The Food Strip called Buffalo's Wings n' Things which was delicious. Like what I said to my friend Jacq while we were eating there, "Good thing I'm not pescatarian anymore!"

It was something good for the soul, one that I really needed. I broke away from the normal Saturday routine and it felt amazing.I didn't have to worry about anything, I didn't dwell  on anything negative. I just let things be. I enjoyed every moment and it was sheer happiness. I need to do this more often. Sometimes we get so used to doing the same old routine, day in and day out, that it actually kills us slowly and we don't even know it.
Cheers to breaking the cycle, trying out new things and enjoying live the way it should be enjoyed!
This song pretty much sums up what I'm feeling today, have a great Sunday my loves!


  1. I'm glad that you had such a great day. I am a new yoga lover, too- it's so peaceful, right? I hope that the rest of your weekend was fantastic.

    Dree http://bethesong.blogspot.com

  2. Oh it was, definitely! Yoga is lovely, I plan on taking it for as long as possible :)

    Thanks for dropping by!