When It's All Too Familiar

I've had my share of dysfunctional relationships. But somehow I end up being in another one and I'm back in the cycle. After a couple of these, you tend to know how it all happens and how it all ends. It gets tiring, you stop and hate men for some time, you're back in the game, someone effs up and then one of you flees from it. Which isn't such a bad thing, you save yourself from having the useless "talk". You know, that activity that leaves you confused and hurting you all the more.

So, I think it's time to be alone for a while (which is funny 'cause really, I've been alone for almost 5 years). But i mean, really alone, instead of finding someone to entertain the crap out of me and have lunch or dinner with, I think I'd rather just spend this time now with the people who matter most. My dear old friends and family.
I need to stop using other people as emotional scratching posts and just learn to be contented and satisfied with what I have. Break the cycle and experience life more. Sounds like a plan.

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