I got to buy new rings while I was looking for materials to make my necklaces (which I will be selling VERY VERY SOON! :) ). I will take advantage of the Christmas season and make you guys buy the awesome accessories I will be making! Did I say that out loud? 

They say peacocks symbolize infinity. This will be part of the December collection.

Dragonflies are just beautiful. I like them more than butterflies. I'll be making limited dragonfly necklaces!

My ultra favorite find. It's the chief! "Hao!". Reminds me of Peter Pan, whom (shameless to say) I had a HUGE childhood crush on.

It looks like its a good day to just walk around and appreciate the artsy stuff, so I'll be dropping by the Brown Bag Market this afternoon! Hope to see you guys there! :)

I'll leave you with a funky song from one of the coolest artist, ever. 

Water for Chocolate by Kinny feat Souldrop

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  1. Aww, those are beautiful! I like collecting animal accessories as well, and the peacock and dragonfly are definitely worth collecting (not as ubiquitous as the owl).