On Men's Polos and UFC 123

Polo: Thrifted; Skirt: H&M; Belt: Vintage; Wedges: Finickee

I look like such a snob in my photos. That's only because I honestly don't know how to smile/pose. I am really really sweet and weird in person! I love wearing men's polos. They're just for some reason more comfortable! I like it loose and carefree. Snagged this one when I went on a beach trip with my co-workers 2 weeks ago, it was pretty expensive for a thrift find, but you can't really let go once it catches your attention. Thought it would look extra dainty with the ruffled skirt I bought when I was in HK. :)

In other news, //start guy talk// did you catch UFC today? Holy crap BJ PENN is just one of the most awesome fighters I know. Twenty one seconds in the octagon and he knocked Matt Hughes! I have GOT to watch the replay.
As for the Quinton Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida fight, I say they should definitely do a rematch, I know Rampage owned the first and second round, but Machida showed some hard ass kicking during the last round. I still love Rampage! I'm glad he won, even if he wasn't able to show much in this fight.//end guy talk//


  1. i love rampage too. and you and your stinkin cute outfits!

  2. I love it that we both LOVE UFC Lacey. It's so hard to find a girl to talk about these things. haha

  3. awesome shirt! love how you styled it.. :)

    I Am DollParts

  4. Thank you Jed! Nice of you to drop by!

  5. wow, i love this outfit! and i just saw your "chief" ring down below and am soo envious! love it. i don't think you look like a snob :)

    love the ruffles, girl!

  6. You're being too kind! Thank you for stopping by!